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eddii, the fun diabetes management app launches in Oklahoma!

eddii, the fun diabetes management app, launches in Oklahoma, officially starting its rollout across the United States.

We are thrilled to be bringing people in the state of Oklahoma a new way to manage type-1 diabetes (T1D),” said Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD, eddii’s CEO. “The T1D community and families in Oklahoma have enthusiastically supported eddii throughout, sharing their experiences...


Farhaneh Ahmadi, CEO of eddii, speaks on Diabetes Daily Grind

eddii featured on Diabetes Daily Grind podcast Further speaking of our excitement to be part of the T1D community in Oklahoma, Farhaneh spoke to Amber Clour, Oklahoma local and host of the fantastic Daily Diabetes Grind podcast.

In this episode, you can hear all about eddii's groundbreaking offering, as well as Farhaneh's back story, including why she co-founded eddii.


Download the eddii app on iOS or Android 👇


eddii is only available in Oklahoma right now

If you have any T1D friends who live outside of Oklahoma and you think they would love to meet eddii too, they can sign up for early access below.


About eddii eddii is a startup focused on making diabetes management fun. Founded by CEO Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD., who lives with Type-1 diabetes, its vision is to create a fun, supportive, and educational interface that helps people living with diabetes take care of themselves and feel happier doing so. Learn more about eddii here.

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