Manage diabetes with rewards and fun chat

Meet                 , your new diabetes health buddy

Next generation diabetes app

eddii is a virtual in-app character designed to engage people living with diabetes to track and record their health. Through gamification and witty conversation, eddii becomes a smart, virtual health buddy, providing users with weekly health reports and collectible in-app items in return for data entry.


Our mission is to motivate everyone living with diabetes to record their wellness daily and adhere to healthy routines, leading to better outcomes!  


Coming soon to the U.S.

We're not like your normal diabetes app

Check out some of our features:

Real-Life Rewards

Reward system for data entry and healthy choices


With your CGM and other apps


Have fun while you see your health progress

Valuable Data

Summary data that recognizes patterns


Talk to eddii about anything. It's always there for you

Parents Track

Parents can track their child's health

How eddii Works


Fun. Games. Chat

A new way to manage your diabetes

eddii collects data from different devices, analyses patterns and gives you helpful tips. You receive your weekly report, and rewards for healthy performance!

Your virtual diabetes health buddy

eddii is always there for you

You can chat to eddii anytime, about anything! It even tells you stories and jokes

What children are saying

“I choose eddii because it explains it to you in a happy way” 

—  Zachary, T1D


Meet The Team

Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD

Founder & CEO

Juan Mont

Art Director

Bhrigu Adlakha


Denian Ouyang

Assistant Art Diretor

Patrick Vanegas

Software Engineer


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