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eddii-Care is now available in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, New York, and Washington.

eddii's virtual care feature offers families with diabetes and other endocrine conditions unparalleled access to world-class pediatric endocrinologists. If you live outside of the above states, sign up below and we'll be in touch when eddii-care is live in your state.

Your new diabetes health buddy!

I'm eddii, your personal health buddy designed to make managing your diabetes a whole lot more fun and engaging. I will always be there to motivate and support you through every high and low on your journey toward better health.

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Improvement in Time In Range (TIR)

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Lower Time Above Range (TAR)


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How eddii works

eddii is designed to display real-time CGM data in a format that incentivizes his users through games and rewards, helping them track and engage their health every day.


Every five minutes, eddii receives real-time glucose readings from the user’s Dexcom CGM, and the app’s leaf-themed character, eddii, reacts with entertaining animations and witty language.

eddii then motivates his users to log health data and complete quizzes by rewarding them with hearts in return. Users can then spend their hearts on games, app customizations, and real-life gift cards!

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Our trusted partners

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Living with diabetes is challenging enough, but throw in a boring health app, and it becomes... UGH, right?!

eddii, set, GO! 
Simply connect your Dexcom CGM and the fun begins! eddii will reward you with games and gift cards for continuously using his app to manage your diabetes. He'll also check in throughout the day with glucose updates, funny notifications, and health advice.

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eddii believes in the power of games

eddii cheers you on, challenges you, and celebrates every achievement, no matter how small, because his mission as your health buddy is to help you keep on top of your health in a way that's enjoyable and rewarding. 

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eddii's games

Not using a Dexcom CGM, but still want to use eddii?

Right now, in order to use our app effectively it has to be connected to a Dexcom. We prioritize our users' needs, working tirelessly on supporting other CGMs and insulin pumps.

Sign up below to receive progress updates on eddii's availability with your CGM.

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