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The Science behind eddii

Our peer-reviewed findings published in JDST

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Improvement in Time in Range

eddii's users spend approximately 1.5 hours more time in range each day, enjoying more control of their diabetes.

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Lower Time Above Range

eddii's users have lower Time Above Range (TAR), reducing long-term complications


children truly enjoy eddii

eddii users described eddii as either 'Good', Really good', or 'Brilliant'.


parents prefer eddii

eddii was chosen by parents over other major CGM brands.


parents love eddii

Parents rate their eddii experience as either 'Good' or 'Very good'.

Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology

Proven to improve in Time-In-Range

Fun diabetes management = better health. It's science! 

eddii's clinical health outcomes have been published in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (JDST), presenting significantly promising findings for our first users.

For the first time ever, the eddii app proves health outcomes for the pediatric population living with T1D, using a fun gamified approach, combined with a real-time CGM interface.

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