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Download my app!

Wow, can you believe we're only a few buttons away from starting a new health journey together!?

Tap your way into fun diabetes management!

eddii is now available nationwide!
Make your smartphone a super-smartphone with the eddii app. Go on, you know you want too...

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Not using a Dexcom CGM, but still want to use eddii?

Right now, in order to use our app effectively it has to be connected to a Dexcom. We prioritize our users' needs, working tirelessly on supporting other CGMs and insulin pumps.

Sign up below to receive progress updates on eddii's availability with your CGM.

The perks and the prices

Need a reminder of all the eddii-goodness you can find in my app? No problem!

🍃 Real-time CGM
Connect your Dexcom to eddii

🍃 Health insights
Receive personalized health summaries

🍃 Guardian oversight 
Assign guardians to follow your health

🍃 Games and rewards
Play games and collect rewards

🍃 Education
Learn and grow your diabetes knowledge

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