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Customizing eddii and the app design

Earn hearts with eddii and then spend those hearts on customizing the app, making your diabetes management your own style.

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eddii diabetes app homepage

Learn with eddii's quizzes

eddii's quizzes support all ages in T1D learning and knowledge refreshing. Test your carb counting, general T1D knowledge, and other fun non-T1D trivia.

eddii diabetes app Quiz.png
eddii diabetes app quiz.png

Play games with eddii

Slash those carbs while helping eddii improve his ninja skills, or help him navigate through the thick, mystical forest trees with Flappy eddii.

eddii diabetes app games
eddii diabetes app games
eddii diabetes app games
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What app features do younger users love about eddii?


Earn hearts in return for healthy behavior and spend them playing fun games like eddii-ninja, Flappy eddii, and Sugar Saga!


Grow your diabetes and general knowledge with fun and challenging quizzes tailored for different ages.


Every person's diabetes care is different, so why shouldn't their diabetes app be unique too? Build your own virtual treasure chest, then customize eddii and the app design in your style.

Gift-card rewards

It's never been easier to earn gift cards to your favorite games and shops! Simply connect your Dexcom and start using the app!


Want to hear a joke, need some health advice, or just bored? eddii's is always right there, simply say start a conversation on his chatbot feature.


Health apps are guilty of sending serious and alarming notifications! eddii keeps you informed about your health, but also sends notifications to make his friends smile!

Girls using eddii

Rewards every day!

Day-to-day diabetes management should be fun and full of rewards!

Daily highs and lows and everything in between can often overshadow the joys of each day... but it shouldn't be that way! 

Taking a moment to check on your health should be something to look forward to, where you get to learn more about your unique self! That's why the eddii app is offering rewards, like Gift Cards and unique items in eddii's shop, for taking a few minutes of enjoyable 'Me-time' every day.

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eddii diabetes Gift Cards
eddii diabetes Gift Cards
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What features do T1D Parents and Guardians love about eddii?

Real-time Dexcom data & Follow feature

Follow your child's real-time CGM data, their activities, feelings, and food consumption as they use eddii.

Health insights

Receive weekly personalized reports on your child's health, with trends, patterns, and advice.

Custom rewards

Set tailored rewards for your child's behavior on your linked guardian account, such as an extra 30 minutes of TV time, a bedtime story, or your child chooses dinner!

Virtual Care

Manage prescriptions, request refills, and chat live with world-class, licensed endocrinologists at the tap of a button.

Low-Glucose Alert Calls

Your added layer of daily support. When your child experiences a low that falls below your chosen value, instantly receive a short call with an alert. 

Brain Bash challenges

Want to keep your child engaged in their T1D knowledge? Bond over eddii's Brain-Bash by challenging each other to quiz-like tournaments!

Real-time child following

eddii diabetes app real-time child follow screen.png

Virtual Care

eddii diabetes app Virtual Care Homepage.png

Low Glucose-Alert Calls

eddii diabetes app LowAlert

Custom Rewards

eddii diabetes app parent set rewards

Not using a Dexcom CGM, but still want to use eddii?

Right now, in order to use our app effectively it has to be connected to a Dexcom. We prioritize our users' needs, working tirelessly on supporting other CGMs and insulin pumps.

Sign up below to receive progress updates on eddii's availability with your CGM.

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