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eddii integrates with Dexcom CGMs to Gamify Real-Time Glucose Data

The real-time APIs integration allows Dexcom CGM users to manage their

glucose inside a fun, educational, and supportive interface.

New York, NY – (June 14, 2023) eddii, a new diabetes management interface that gamifies real-time glucose data, announced today an integration with Dexcom. Through Dexcom’s real-time APIs, Dexcom CGM users can monitor their glucose levels using eddii’s rewarding interface that utilizes gamification, education, and witty conversation to help the user manage their diabetes. eddii is focusing on children living with diabetes, with plans to expand into adjacent markets.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Dexcom, giving T1Ds access to a better way to manage their diabetes,” said Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD, eddii’s CEO. “Those living with diabetes are the ultimate drivers of the day-to-day management of their condition. We believe happier, engaged and more confident users achieve better outcomes, which is what everyone wants.”

eddii is a virtual in-app character designed to engage people living with type-1 diabetes (T1D). The app integrates users’ real-time Dexcom CGM readings, delivering updates on blood glucose levels. Through fun and engaging games, educational character-led activities, and AI-enabled conversation, eddii becomes a smart, virtual health buddy, giving users real-time feedback, support, and in-app rewards in return for healthy behavior. Launching later this summer in the United States, the integration allows Dexcom CGM users real-time streaming on the eddii app. The eddii app will work with both the Dexcom G6 and G7 CGMs. For those interested in learning more you can join the eddii waitlist here.

“At Dexcom, we are committed to allowing our users to connect their glucose data to multiple apps and devices. This new integration with eddii is the latest example of that steadfast commitment by providing an option for children living with diabetes and their families a fun and educational app,” said Matt Vogel, senior director of marketing, strategic partnerships at Dexcom. “Connections through our real-time APIs open up a world of choice and provide Dexcom users with numerous options for more personalized diabetes management.”

Earlier this year, eddii conducted a clinical trial where 92 children with T1D and their families were enrolled in a randomized controlled trial (RCT) using Dexcom CGM. Outcomes from the trial showed a statistically significant 5% improvement in Time In Range (TIR), roughly translating into 1.5 additional hours every day of optimal glucose levels for children living with T1D.

Managing blood sugars every single day is a struggle that never goes away. Poorly managed

blood glucose leads to a lack of productivity, affecting mental health, and decreasing energy levels, not to mention the long-term implications. What parents and healthcare teams know is simply throwing data at children without incentives and an engagement plan can be counterproductive. With eddii that changes.

“We are creating a tool that engages children and their families on a different level. Families can play games, request support, and receive daily rewards on the same interface that displays their real-time CGM data,” adds Farhaneh.

eddii is currently targeting the pediatric T1D market with plans to enter the adult T1D and other adjacent markets soon. eddii will launch its beta product in the state of Oklahoma this summer and will expand nationwide in the United Stated later in the year. Recently, eddii closed a $2.5M seed round led by Kapor Capital, with participation from Atento Capital, MedMountain Ventures (MMV), StartUp Health, and angel investors.


About eddii eddii is a startup focused on making diabetes management fun. Founded by CEO Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD., who lives with Type-1 diabetes, its vision is to create a fun, supportive, and educational interface that helps people living with diabetes take care of themselves and feel happier doing so. Learn more about eddii here.

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