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eddii wins partnerships in Wichita and participates in HLTH

eddii's nationwide presence took yet another step forward in recent weeks as the team attended NXTSTAGE Community Health & Vibrancy Pilot Competition in Wichita, Kansas and HLTH innovation event in Las Vegas

HLTH 2023.

Las Vegas, Nev. - Oct 11, 2023

We were inspired to see #T1D and #pediatric care take center stage at HLTH this year, as Nick Jonas, the co-founder of Beyond Type 1 spoke about his experience living with Type-1 Diabetes in the opening ceremony, and Chelsea Clinton emphasized the shortcomings in pediatric care and the future health of children.

We were also excited to meet and discuss collaborations with fellow #T1D entrepreneurs, the immediate actions that can address community needs now, and what the future holds for people living with #T1D as part of the #T1DMoonshot.

Farhaneh Ahmadi, CEO of eddii, was accompanied by the founders of Go-Pen, The Helmsley Charitable Trust, Journey Biosciences, and JoyDays in a panel discussion moderated by Steve Krein, CEO and Co-founder of StartUp Health. Together, they explored collaborative pathways towards shaping the future of diabetes.

At eddii, we work with T1D families and provide a platform that humanizes and gamifies real-time #T1D management. We are determined to make managing diabetes a happier, educational and more supportive experience.

The sense of common purpose has never been stronger, and we look forward to collaborations with our current and future partners.


NXTUS, Kansas

Wichita, Kan Wichita, Kan. – Sept. 28, 2023

NXTUS, Inc.’s NXTSTAGE Community Health & Vibrancy Pilot Competition, presented by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas (BCBSKS), announced eddii as a winning technology partner for four pilot programs. Discussions are now underway to initiate pilots with the following regional medical centers and counties - Newton Medical Center, The Wichita Medical Practice Association of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, Hodgeman County Economic Development, and Scott County Development Committee.

Farhaneh, our CEO, represented eddii alongside fellow entrepreneurs, speaking about the importance of modernizing Type 1 diabetes management, better equipping community health workers, and improving care for those that need it most. "eddii Health offers a platform for Type 1 diabetes patients that gamifies real-time glucose data using fun, supportive and educational features that engage the user in the long run. eddii is in contention for four pilot projects, including a collaboration with Newton Medical Center that began at the Innovation Showcase event."

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