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Eddii Helps Children Manage Type 1 Diabetes

“When you get diagnosed with T1D, you have to start dealing with it every day,” Farhaneh A. Ahmadi, PhD, CEO & Founder at eddii, told StartUp Health. “It never goes away. During the best of your times and the worst of your times, it is right there in front of you.”

In recent years, Ahmadi has leveraged her own experience as a Type 1 diabetes patient to build a fun, engaging app that empowers children to manage life with #T1D. It’s one of the reasons StartUp Health is proud to support eddii as part of our newly-launched T1D Moonshot.

Read how “Eddii Helps Children Manage Type 1 Diabetes” –and learn why we’re proud to support #HealthTransformers Ahmadi and Alonso Lucero

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