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Why we started eddii

Living with a chronic condition can be daunting, with no end in sight. It is constantly on your mind requiring you to continuously track symptoms and respond on the go. The impact is even greater on parents of children with diabetes. When children and young adults live with diabetes, the whole family is impacted. Families will need to make significant adjustments to their lives to help their children manage their diabetes, which becomes mentally and emotionally consuming for everyone.

That is why at eddii, we focus on the family. We engage the entire family through real-time tracking, reward systems and games. We want to humanize daily diabetes management. Parents and children can bond together through our platform and have tons of fun! Findings from nine randomized controlled trials indicate that family-centered interventions significantly improved A1Cs, enhanced family dynamics, and decreased family conflict for children impacted with type 1 diabetes. Focusing on the family unit can help improve individual compliance with healthy habits and ease the burden for parents.

We are a team of scientists, artists and engineers (some of us living with chronic conditions ourselves), who are looking to change the relationship people have with their chronic condition, and help families deal with it successfully. We are building eddii because we believe that taking care of yourself or a loved one with diabetes can be fun and engaging, with better outcomes.

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