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Why we started Eddii

Living with a chronic condition can be daunting, with no end in sight. It’s constantly on your mind, requiring you to monitor symptoms and respond to complications on the go. With diabetes, once diagnosed, your approach to food, exercise, sleep, and other aspects of daily life must change dramatically in order to manage the condition.

Diabetes occurs when your body doesn’t naturally produce enough insulin which leads to high blood sugar. Depending on the type of diabetes, this can mean having to check your blood glucose level multiple times a day and manually take insulin to maintain safe levels of blood sugar. Many people with diabetes, particularly those with Type 1, where your body doesn’t naturally produce any insulin, wear a continuous glucose monitor to automatically measure blood sugar levels, an insulin pump to administer insulin without injections, or both. Some people are lucky enough to have a closed loop system where their monitor and pump talk to each other (literally!) and administer insulin as needed.

Our blood sugar levels rise and fall based on the environment around us and the choices we make. What you eat, your exercise patterns, and even your menstrual cycle, for those who have one, can impact your blood sugar and keeping track of it all can be a struggle.

There are hundreds of diabetes apps out there that are merely logbooks for you to record these behaviors, or track your blood glucose levels. While there have been significant advancements in diabetes treatment that make it easier to control, the journal/app area has been slow in many regards, focusing primarily on presenting data rather than engaging the user and teaching them how to take charge of their health.

At Eddii, we believe that the more you know and think about your health, the better. That’s why we’ve come up with creative and fun ways to keep you engaged and motivated to track your health. We want you to have fun, feel better, and make living with a chronic illness like diabetes, less of a burden.

Introducing Eddii, your virtual health buddy

Imagine if you weren’t alone in managing your diabetes and had someone helping you out and holding you accountable every single day. How about if you earned rewards that you actually want for keeping track of your symptoms and behaviors? Eddii does all of this and more! Chatting, journaling, and pattern recognition, are just a few of the many things your new virtual health buddy is capable of doing to help you manage your diabetes and improve your health.

Part leaf, part super-computer, and driven by your own data, Eddii is your AI-powered guide through health management. With rewards offered throughout the day for tracking your wellness, an interactive chatbot and a therapeutic app experience, Eddii is there to help you live your healthiest, best life!

Our early adopters are already hooked! Samir says “This app has so much potential to be great! I was particularly interested in Eddii’s life, and wanted to know what it was up to!” Another early adopter, Rich, said “Integrations are key, and if that is achieved, then Eddii will be one of the most engaging health apps I have ever used!”

Who are we?

We’re a team of scientists, artists and engineers (some of us living with chronic conditions ourselves), who are looking to change the relationship people with chronic illnesses have with their health. We're building Eddii because we believe that taking care of yourself should be fun and engaging, not burdensome and demanding. In a crowded market with thousands of health apps out there, we understand that we need to set ourselves apart from the rest. Our unique approach to user engagement that simplifies incorporating healthy practices into daily life brings a new, gratifying approach to this purely data-driven space.

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