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eddii has now launched in the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, and Kansas

eddii is now live in Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma with more state launches on the horizon!

eddii gamifies real-time glucose data from Dexcom CGMs, making diabetes management a whole lot more fun.

"With the launch of our upcoming virtual care feature, parents will be able to schedule an appointment with a licensed pediatric endocrinologist at the tap of a button, on the same app that streams real-time glucose data from their Dexcom CGM," said Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD, eddii's CEO.


Download the eddii app on iOS or Android


eddii is currently only available in OK, TX, NE, KS, AR, and LA

If you have any T1D buddies living outside of these states and you know they would love to meet eddii, point them to the button below for early access.

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