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eddii has launched in Texas

eddii, the gamified diabetes management app, is now live in Texas

“There are more than 21,000 children living with diabetes in the state of Texas, one of the largest populations of children with diabetes in the US. We are proud to be providing these families an interface that makes managing diabetes a happier, educational...


Download the eddii app on iOS or Android 👇


eddii is currently only available in Texas and Oklahoma

If you've got T1D buddies living outside of Texas and Oklahoma who'd be thrilled to meet eddii, they can get early access by signing up below.


About eddii eddii is a startup focused on making diabetes management fun. Founded by CEO Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD., who lives with Type-1 diabetes, its vision is to create a fun, supportive, and educational interface that helps people living with diabetes take care of themselves and feel happier doing so. Learn more about eddii here.

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