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Providers, get your access to eddii


If you're a provider that is constantly on the lookout for innovative methods of helping your T1D patients, and their families live a better life, look no further.

Want to know more?

Fill out the form below if you would like to receive more information about eddii and how the app works, including a video walkthrough, as well as an interactive demo version for your phone.

Thank you, you will be hearing from the eddii team soon!

Why choose eddii?

+ eddii's virtual patient care

Help bridge patient-provider accessibility issues with easy communication and seamless appointment booking.

+ AI triage system

eddii's clever AI offers clear, endocrinologist-approved advice, identifying emergencies quickly, and solving more straightforward patient health queries, ultimately freeing up provider schedules.

+ Patient health insights

Health data shared with eddii, can also be shared with providers, helping them identify new patient insights, and consequently, inform better medical decisions. 

+ Fun eddii merchandise

Make your patient's day with fun eddii-themed giveaways!

 Results based on randomized controlled trial 

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