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eddii expands its team

eddii proudly announces the addition of three key team members!

With their experience and expertise, eddii is even more equipped to go to market with our innovative solution to humanize and gamify real-time diabetes management.

Pratik Patel joins as Chief Technology Officer

Pratik Patel joins the eddii executive team as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Pratik is a distinguished Engineering Leader with a robust background in software development. With a proven track record in dynamic environments, he has consistently demonstrated his ability to deliver innovative and scalable solutions. During his tenure at AWS, where he spent over seven years, Pratik made significant contributions to the development and security of the Cloud. As a co-founder of a successful blockchain development company, Pratik played a pivotal role in its growth before being acquired by a leading technology firm. Adept at communication and mentorship, Pratik has honed his skills in nurturing the careers of engineers. As an alumnus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, he holds a dual master's degree in Computer Science and Computer Engineering, showcasing his commitment to academic excellence and technical expertise.

At eddii, Pratik will be responsible for our entire technology stack, building our tech team from the ground up, and our tech strategy.

Joseph (Joey) Goodall joins as Creative Director

Joey never underestimates the power of making people smile through creativity. He has always been enthusiastic about working with positive-impact brands, striving to create meaningful and educational ideas, by calling upon his love of conceptual thinking, creative writing and art direction. He started his career at a B2B agency in London, honing skills across several different direct marketing channels from email campaigns to printed DM. In the years after, he moved on to work at some of the best, integrated advertising agencies, producing strong concepts for niche target audiences and global brands, across B2B and B2C.

The conceptual copywriting side of Joey’s work has always been rooted in creating engaging content that helps brands curate an identity through words that work. Whether it’s five words or five hundred, great copywriting should be about storytelling, and that’s why he loves his job.

With a breadth of experience across a diverse array of creative mediums, Joey has led many projects and won some great awards along the way. At eddii, Joey will oversee our product design, animations and marketing strategy.

Bakul Sharma joins as Product Manager

Bakul Sharma joins eddii from Minded, a mental health startup that provides expert mental healthcare and medication. Bakul has over six years of experience in Product Management and is passionate about the healthtech sector. She is also a writer and non-profit director for Artists for Mental Health, bringing her creativity, empathy, and passion for healthcare to her work.

At eddii, Bakul will be responsible for our product roadmap and lifecycle.

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