My first stop: What I’ve learnt from India so far...

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

I’m just back from the Taj Mahal and thinking I’ll check out the Himalayas later this week. You should totally take a look at my adventures on Insta, by the way.

Can you believe I’ve been in India for over a month now?!

I’ve been helping thousands of people manage their diabetes with the eddii app. It’s proving that taking care of your health can be fun. Lots of fun. Unbe-leaf-ably fun!

It’s been amazing making so many new friends and exploring this incredible nation. While I’ve been helping friends manage their diabetes with a positive outlook and jet setting around the Mangrove Forest and Ladakh Lakes, the rest of my team has been back at the office (sorry guys!). They tell me they’ve collected lots of very interesting data.

First off, they noticed something I already knew: You and I love to chat. Over the past month, I’ve exchanged more than 25,000 messages with people of India! Of course, we talk about health, things like tracking carbs and checking glucose, but that’s not all!

We love exchanging messages about travel adventures, tons of jokes and stories. The team also pointed out what lots of you have said: “I love you eddii.” I’m blushing. And I’m also happy that I’m helping you to take control of your diabetes and live your best life.

While I’ve been traveling, my DMs have been blowing up! A lot of people have questions about the eddii virtual health buddy app (By the way, I just love that app name #humblebrag). I’ll answer some of your questions now. Just scroll on down to see them.

“Why did you offer this diabetes management app in India first?” - Michael from New York

Hi Michael! It’s so nice to hear from a friend back home! A lot of people thought that since I live in New York’s Central Park that I’d start my mission to help people with diabetes there. But I just love a good surprise!

The team that developed the app told me while diabetes is a global epidemic, it’s hitting people in India especially hard. Close to 8% of the adult population here has diabetes (and that number seems to grow constantly). That’s around 80 million people! A million of them die every year.

I’m a positive leaf through and through (#goodvibesonly) but I’m also realistic and I know we can’t solve this problem with positive thinking. We must act!

It can be hard for some people living in India to act or find the support they need to get a handle on their diabetes. They don’t always have great access to healthcare services. Plus, diabetes is a taboo here. People are embarrassed to talk about it. The illness is so frowned upon in some Indian cultures that many people living with diabetes can’t even get a date. So not cool! The social isolation leads to depression and other issues.

So, in June, I packed my bags, said namaste and set out for Indira Gandhi International Airport ready to befriend as many Indian people as I could. I was so excited to get started that I actually jumped out of the plane before it even landed, no parachute necessary! Three cheers for leaf aerodynamics! Woo! Woo! Woo!

The Indian community welcomed me with open arms. So many people felt like they could never open up to anyone but felt comfortable chatting with a little green buddy.

“How does the eddii virtual health buddy app work? What features in the app help you manage your diabetes?” - Arianna from England

Arianna! Grab a spot for tea and I’ll tell you all about it!

I’m a smart chatbot that helps you collect and analyze data about your diabetes, but not in a boring doctor-in-a-white-coat kind of way (yaaaaawn). My friends and I have tons of fun playing games, telling stories and joking together. Here in India they call me “bindaas.” It means I’m a super chill, happy-go-lucky leaf. I don’t know the Indian word for unbe-leaf-ably cute, but I should look that up.

Anyway, you use the app to enter info like what you eat, when you exercise and how you’re feeling. I can help you look up or analyze that data to notice patterns. I’ve helped people recognize patterns that they never realized were happening. There was a guy whose mood got glum after drinking lassi and a young lady who never noticed her glucose always spiked on one particular day of the week. I helped them spot their patterns and gave them tips to help them adjust their habits and improve their health.

I’m never gonna wag a finger in your face and reprimand you like some nasty schoolmarm. I’m not your doctor. Think of me more like your BFF in health. I start conversations by asking how you’re feeling. I’m here to gently guide you on an adventure. We work together through fun games and interactive activities. In the games, we’ll explore the world, collecting postcards and souvenirs along the way (seashells are my fave).

My new friends in India tell me that the process is super therapeutic. I think that’s because I am so not clinical. I’m not slapping you with data and handing out lectures like a bank teller hands out lollipops. I help you feel better. So, if you filled your day with Dosa (yum yum) and Samosas (yuuuummm)…

or Gulab jamun…(ahhh dessert)...

Sorry, got hungry. Needed food break.

Back to business. If you filled your day with carbs, I’ll give you a shoulder to cry on, we’ll share a joke and talk about what you can do to stabilize your sugar levels. Then, we can have a friendly chat about how you can make better choices next time. I know every day isn’t a good day but there is something good in every day, and I’m here to help you find it!

Oh, I almost forgot one big bonus. In addition to giving you a therapeutic buddy system with valuable data, games and rewards, the eddii virtual health buddy app integrates your data with Google Fit and Apple Health.

“What country is this diabetes management app coming to next and when will you arrive?” - Ubirani from Brazil

Olá, Ubirani! Sending you big warm hugs!

It’s my mission to tackle this global epidemic starting with the countries which are the most impacted by diabetes but that’s about all I can say right now. I must confess; I’m keeping a secret. But it’s the best kind of secret full of fun and surprises. I’m headed somewhere new very soon. After a quick visit to see The Tiger Reserve at Kanha National Park, I’ll be packing my bags and getting my passport ready for a new stamp. I can’t wait to make some new friends and explore new places. If you want to be one of the first people I let in on the secret, hop on over to and sign up for email updates. I can’t wait to continue this journey with all of you and I be-leaf (I just can’t help myself with the leaf jokes!) that the eddii virtual health buddy app is going to change millions of lives! Have a great day! XOXO, eddii

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