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Eddii to Launch in Three More Countries: Get a Sneak Peak Here

Did I ever tell you about that time I learned three languages in three days?

Well…that didn’t actually happen, but I am hitting the Rosetta Stone courses hard.

“Why?” You ask. We’re about to launch the eddii health buddy app in three new countries. Hurray! Viva! Hore! Hurra! Want to know which ones? Join me while I pack my bags for a whirlwind world tour, and I’ll let you in on all my leafy secrets. Plus, I’ll give you a little peek of some of the new features the tech team is working on. Here’s a hint for one of the new locations. I’ll be visiting a tropical rain forest and showing off my samba skills at Carnaval. I’m a leaf so you know I can totally shake it. Did you guess? We’re releasing the app in Brazil! Do you think I can count a feather headdress as a carry-on item?

Me at a Carnaval

The smart folks at the International Diabetes Federation tell me more than 12 million people in Brazil have diabetes. That’s nearly nine percent of the adult population. With all those tempting brigadeiros (mmm chocolate…and butter…and sprinkles…swoon) and pão de queijo (hello cheese and bread) I know it can be hard to manage your symptoms and stay healthy.

But I also know. You. Can. Do. It. I be-leaf in you. The eddii team has worked some new features into the app that will make it easier (and more fun) than ever to handle your management plan and the emotions that come with it. I worked closely with a psychologist so I can better understand how your blood glucose levels impact your mood and thoughts. You can tell me how you’re feeling, and I’ll talk you through them. Everyone needs a friend to lean on now and then and I will be there for you. You’re going to love all the new jokes and stories I have to share too, especially the one about how I ended up in a trash can with a foot covered in honey (well, at least I hope it was honey).

In addition to the stories, jokes and better-than-ever interaction abilities, I have more games for you! When you tell me your blood glucose levels, whether you’ve been exercising, eating carbs and all that other important info, you’ll make a flower bloom in your garden and unlock new travel destinations. Too cool! Now, let me tell you about another country getting eddii and these new features. For this one, I’m packing my swimsuit. I’ll be staying in a bungalow perched right on top of the ocean. It’s Indonesia!

'Backyard' of my bungalow

I’m definitely packing a camera too because I hear tons of celebs hang in Bali. Some may even need my help. Famous people like Tom Hanks, Salma Hayek and Nick Jonas reportedly have diabetes. I’m just gonna tell you right now, if Nick Jonas downloads the eddii health buddy app, this foliage is falling like it’s a windy day in October. While I may be falling, diabetes rates in Indonesia are sadly not. More than ten million people there have diabetes. That’s about seven percent of the adult population. I’m looking forward to helping them.

I’m also very much looking forward to visiting another country where the eddii health buddy app will soon be released. The situation there is dire as nearly 13 percent of adults there have diabetes. We’re talking more than six and a half million people. It’s a beautiful place where I’ll chat with you while I lounge on a yacht cruising the Mediterranean. I don’t own a yacht, but I imagine it’s not too hard for a leaf to breeze on as a stow away. If I’m lucky, I’ll get a chance to hop on a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia. It apparently looks like the moon!

Have you guessed where it is yet? One more hint. I’ll be sampling some of the world’s best baklava. It’s Turkey! The country. Not the food. Though, I am a big fan of both.

Making a wish in front of hot air balloons

So, there you have it. The eddii health buddy app will be released in Brazil, Indonesia and Turkey. You can download it now on Google Play! (and the App Store soon!). I can’t wait to get to know you and share some amazing adventures with you! Goodbye! Tchau! Selamat tinggal! Güle güle!

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