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eddii raises $2.5M to humanize and gamify real-time glucose data

eddii is a virtual in-app character designed to engage people living with diabetes. It connects real-time to a user’s Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). Through education, gamification, and witty conversation, eddii becomes a smart, virtual health buddy, providing users with real-time feedback, support and in-app rewards.

This week, eddii closed a $2.5M seed round led by Kapor Capital, with participation from Atento Capital, MedMountain Ventures (MMV), StartUp Health, and angels.

“Managing your blood sugars every single day is a struggle that never goes away. Poorly managed blood glucose leads to a lack of productivity, affects your mental health, and decreases your energy levels, not to mention the long-term implications. Simply throwing data at the user without incentives and an engagement plan is counterproductive,” says Farhaneh Ahmadi, PhD, co-founder and CEO of eddii, who lives with Type-1 diabetes.

“We are creating a tool that engages users and their families on a different level. Families can play games, request support, and receive daily rewards on the same interface that displays their real-time CGM data.”

eddii recently completed a clinical trial with 95 participating families. Results from the trial showed that eddii improved time-in-range (TIR) of its users by an average of 5% across the entire group, compared to a control group that used the traditional CGM interface. That is equivalent to an additional 1.5 hours of optimal blood glucose every day.

“Our company was born out of a real-life struggle. Our mission is to motivate those living with diabetes to look after their well-being by offering real-time feedback in a relatable way. Everyone deserves better health outcomes.”

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