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eddii Mobile App Study for Children with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) and Their Parents

Do you find your current CGM app boring?

We are looking for 5 – 12 year old children living with T1D and one of their parents to use a gamified CGM app (eddii). The eddii app connects to your child’s CGM and has in-app games and rewards set by the parent. 

Many children with T1D are not engaged with their diabetes management and find current CGM interfaces boring. This research seeks to understand the effects of gamification and rewards on diabetes management. Parents will be able to track their child’s glucose levels on the eddii app. 

Study details

Participants will be asked to download the eddii app and connect it to child's CGM, and you may be assigned to a control group.

Platform: iOS 12 or later

Method: Remotely

Length: 8 weeks

Compensation: Free CGM devices for the duration of the study; Up to $100 compensation for completing the questionnaires

Are you eligible?

  • Your child must be 5 to 12 years old

  • Your child must wear a CGM

  • Proof that your child lives with T1D

Please contact us at:

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